Weeds of Southern Turfgrasses

Tim R. Murphy, Daniel L. Colvin, Ray Dickens, John W. Everest, David Hall, L. B. (Bert) McCarty

Turfgrass monocultures don't have much tolerance for free-spirited individualists, so some wild plants that native plant enthusiasts embrace are included in this book as weeds — alongside others that are genuine pests. Nevertheless, a useful book which describes and provides multiple photos of almost 200 plants.

Clemson University Public Service Publishing.


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bookcover Weeds of Southern Turfgrasses

This book is out of print. Check out your local used bookstores or an online source like AbeBooks.

Or better yet, check out Common Weeds and Wildflowers (EB 161): Gardens, Roadside, Pastures, Fields, Golf Courses, Sports Fields, Lawns, Crops, Ornamentals, Sod, which is an expanded and updated version of this book.

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