Native & Naturalized Plants of the Carolinas & Georgia

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Most habitat and range descriptions were obtained from Weakley's Flora.

Your search found 1 taxon in the family Schisandraceae, Star-vine family, as understood by Weakley's Flora.

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camera icon Common Name: Bay Star-vine, Climbing-magnolia, Magnolia-vine
Weakley's Flora: (5/21/15) Schisandra glabra   FAMILY: Schisandraceae
SYNONYMOUS WITH PLANTS National Database: Schisandra glabra   FAMILY: Schisandraceae
SYNONYMOUS WITH Vascular Flora of the Carolinas (Radford, Ahles, & Bell, 1968): Schisandra glabra 082-01-001   FAMILY: Schisandraceae


Look for it on rich slopes adjacent to bottomland forests, mesic "islands" surrounded by bottomlands, moist hammocks


Native to the Carolinas & Georgia


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